Does web design service impact SEO at all? – Latest Google Guidelines.

Does web design service impact SEO at all – Latest Google Guidelines

There is a lot of fuss going on among netizens regarding SEO and the latest trends. When the last time they had checked, SEO was all about On-Page and Off-Page. It was all about optimizing the content and building links thereafter. But then, suddenly one day the air went heavy with words about web designing! And now, people have questions if the best web design service serves SEO or not? If it does impact SEO or not? Few went to the best SEO agency (USA) and laid down their doubts. They got their answers. But we think that everybody should know the truth about web design and its impact on SEO!

The complete truth about web design service!

Near the end of 2020, Google announced something very novel before the world. There were these three words and everybody was talking about them – Core Web Vitals. What actually were they? And what was their relation, if any at all, to web design? Google had stated clearly that these Core Web Vitals would impact the rankings of websites. And people started going anxious about it. How would they know about it all and how would they adapt! These fears were true. But Google was there with some plans after considering it all. Their anxieties were soon to be eased by this search engine giant.

Google caressed to the netizens these soothing words – “We will give some 5-6 months for people to adapt. And these updates will roll out gradually and start showing their impact around August.” So there was time. But what was it all about? Before understanding it, let’s have a glance at what web design actually is.

A brief on web designing.

If only you could look and point and state, “see, there is this web designing.” If you think web designing is all about coding and creating a website, then, might be, you are wrong. Indeed, you need to know coding to create a website, but you need much more to create a quality website. If you have ever gone for some best web design service, you might already know about it.

Web design takes care of the overall user experience. When a user clicks on a link, opens up a website, and goes awed about how smooth and wonderful it looks, it is the work of web designing. Web Designing basically works on creating a website that is smooth, appealing, has efficient coding, follows the web accessibility guidelines, takes care of aesthetic qualities, takes care of aspect related to our senses, planning it all, and then initiating it all. Going for the best SEO agency (USA) is quite fair, but is this all?

Core Web Vitals, Web Design, and SEO – a love triangle.

Core Web Vitals is a set of three factors that along with other web vitals create search signals for page experience. In brief, these factors together will decide how good a website is to surf. This was declared as a ranking factor. But what are these factors?

Core Web Vitals is a set of three vitals: LCP, FID, and CLS. Vague, right? We’ll clear this for you.

  • LCP – Or Largest Contentful Paint. In easy terms, it is how fast a website loads once a user clicks on the URL. In technical terms, it will look at how fast does the largest element in the webpage load after the URL gets clicked upon. The largest element could be image, video, or any big block containing your content. It will hint to the visitor that the content is loading. You might have noticed a few elements loading before the complete website loads, that is LCP. The recommended time given by Google is 2.5 seconds. If 75% of the time the LCP is there, you are going good before the digital eyes of Google.
  • FID – Or First Input Delay. Ever entered a website to buy something, clicked on the add-to-cart button, seeing nothing, then clicking again, and finding out that the product has been added 2-3 times in your cart? Well, this is because there was a delay in clicking the button, and seeing the results happening. FID takes care of the time it takes from clicking any button in the website and seeing its actions happening before. The recommended time is below 100ms for 70% of the time.
  • CLS – Or Cumulative Layout Shift. It is the time a website takes to completely align itself, so that it does not adjust and moves the content the visitor is on to some other place. You might have noticed sometimes that when you open a website to read something, the website keeps on aligning its content when you actually have started to read. This is frustrating because it hampers the experience and we need to find that same area again. This is CLS. This gets calculated as a score. A score below 0.1 is recommended.

If you think that opting for the best SEO agency (USA) will take care of these web vitals, then you are wrong. These web vitals are the forte of web designers.

Other Web Vitals

Now there are other web vitals too that decide the overall page experience. And wonder if they are the result of web design?

  • Mobile Friendliness: How friendly a website is to load correctly on the mobile. It was in 2016 when for the first time mobile searches crossed those from the PC or laptop. This makes it clear that the focus will shift on mobile user experience. A tip: Use a responsive website theme.
  • Secure Browsing: How safe is a website to browse.
  • HTTPS stuff: A website having an SSL certificate would be favored. This is simple; nobody would recommend a vulnerable URL over a secure URL.
  • Intrusive Interstitials: If you are focused on a website and suddenly a pop-up or any advert appears before you, it would be counted as an intrusion.

Do you think that the best web design service would be able to take care of these issues? Or would going for the best SEO agency (USA) take care of your ranking completely?

Web Design and SEO – Final Words.

Now you have a base about Core Web Vitals and how they impact SEO directly. So, how can you make these web vitals scores better?

Simply speaking, an expert web designer can make your website smooth and heavenly. You just cannot go to an SEO expert and say that my website is not loading well, please look into it! LCP, FID, and CLS – all these scores come better when the coding is flawless. A poorly designed website will surely load slow and would not be able to adjust according to the many devices available. Additionally, if there are errors at some time in the future, an expert coder would know where to look and what to do. HTML errors are taken into consideration while deciding the ranking thing. Thus, it has become crucial to go for the best web design service if the goal is to create a brand and see it thrive for long enough in the future.