Insights on Most Important Google Ranking Factors

Google Ranking Factors

Do you know Google’s search algorithm uses more than 200 factors to rank websites? Yes! But, not all ranking factors are equal. Of course, Google ranking factors change all the time and it can be hard to keep with the latest developments. The goal is to improve the quality of their search results. However, if you want to your website to rank high in search engine results and get more traffic, you must adhere to the rules.

“A whopping 97% of people don’t click past the first page of results.” If you are not on the first page of Google, you are likely to be invisible. SEO Sydney is changing faster than ever before. So, it is essential that you have to stay updated on the ranking factors.

Here is a list of most important Google ranking factors as suggested by our SEO experts Sydney:-


The more backlink a page has the more traffic it gets from Google! Backlinks remain as one of the strongest ranking factors in Google’s search algorithm. If you have more links from high-authority domains, you are likely to rank well for top keywords. So, you have to consider your backlink profiles as Google’s recent update, “Penguin 4.0”has cleaned and filtered sites with low-quality backlink profiles.

Page speed

This one of the significant Google’s ranking factors. Page speed has become crucial ever since mobile-first indexing approach was implemented by Google. Studies show that if the page loading time exceeds 3 seconds, the abandonment rates hike. High bounce rates signal to search engines that the website is not useful, which directly affects the ranking. Websites with slow page speed will be never able to rank high in search engines. The goal of Google’s update is to provide users with sites that offer the best user experience. Work with the professionals of a reputed SEO Company Sydney to optimise your website so that it loads quickly.


We all know content is the king. But, it should be quality content. A high ranking content indicates that it has covered a broad spectrum of its respective subject. Ensure your content is valuable to the users and should have engaging visual content to complement the written content.

Schema code

SEO is going local. Schema code is an important ranking factor that should be considered, especially for small business SEO. It helps the search engines get a clear understanding of texts such as phone numbers, address, recipes, and reviews. Implementing a schema code can be highly beneficial for local businesses.

Social signals

Social signals from social media sites also correlate with search rankings. A website that combines brand power and social signals with other SEO channels can achieve great search visibility.

User experience

Since Google algorithms gets more advance, it is essential to provide great user experience.

There will be a huge impact on SEO marketing strategies in 2020. Recent Google updates show that sites with quality content that provides real value to the users tend to rank higher. It is best to work with the right SEO Company Sydney to cope up with Google’s updates.