Is there a good free application for streaming and downloading video and movies?

Is there a good free application for streaming and downloading video and movies

Manifold applications are there that can be your favourite. But you know if you are still not happy with something; that is wrong. Well, there is no reason that you should not have a proper and effective application for your needs.

Many people have a view point that there is no good video or movie downloading and streaming platform for free. Well, it would surprise you all that there is a free, rich and absolutely easy to use platform named Vidmate. This video downloading application is one of the best applications you would have. You should try out this app for its variety and the ease. Have a look at some of the things that you can enjoy whiling using this app.

Free streaming and downloading]

Yes, once you have installed this third-party application in your android device, you would have free streaming and downloading. You can have endless options in videos, clips and movies. In this way you would never have to probe anywhere else. This app would keep you satisfied because it has everything you might want to have. Moreover, you get connected with manifold popular platforms once you use this application. You can link up with platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, Instagram, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe and various others. You would not have to go to their platforms and check out if they have the videos or movies or not. You can search it all right form this application.

Speed and ease

The application is superfast. You would not find any type of hiccups or any type of bumpers. Indeed, the app gives you the best experience once you use it. It runs smoothly and hence save you a lot of time. The speed that you get using this application is pretty impressive and heart winning. Moreover, you can also experience utmost speed because of its developers. The developers have done the coding and formation of this app in a way that the users get the top speed that their network provider provides them.

Moreover, the ease factor is such that even a beginner can ace at it. The application is easy to use, well-organized structure makes it a prompt hit. Moreover, the application also has easy to use interface. In this way the UI and the overall working of this app makes sure that the users have the best experience at all times.

Any video Formats

You can get the videos or movies downloaded in the format of your choice. If you want a video to be in the format like 3gp, you can get that. Similarly, if you are looking forward to have the movie downloaded in the FLV format; you can do that too. It is the beauty of this app. it gives you the preferred format always!


Thus, you can use this application if you want to boost your video and movie watch times. After all, the platform is really enriched and effective. The more you use it, the more powerful your experience get.