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Website Ranking

SEO or Search Engine Optimization plays a crucial role to run a website. Many other search engine and Google continually rank your site. This means if your rank is less, you will not be able to draw the attention of your customer; the traffic of the website will be less. So this means you need to have the latest SEO tools for competition with others. The good part is there are multiple SEO tools are there in the market, which will help you to improve the website ranking. Each machine will help you to rank in all popular search engine. Like Bing, Google, etc. Let see what the SEO tools you can use are.

Google search console

With the use of this service, one can figure it out how the search engine views the website. It will cover multiple aspects of SEO and provide you a different type of tools to use. The Google search console helps you to check the crawling errors which occurred to the website so that you can rectify in the right way. With this service, you can detect malware too. You can identify what keywords people are using to get into your site etc. The best part is it is free. So small scale business owner too can use the service. To get the tutorials, check bulletproof digital company videos. These videos will help you to get all the required information, and it is helpful too.


  • It helps you to know how Google perceives the site
  • Monitoring the websites backlinks
  • Notice what keywords the users use to search your site
  • Give you alert if the malware attack your site
  • Update automatically robots.txt.file


Among all keyword research tool, SEMrush is one of the popular ones. It will provide you the data on the number of people who are looking for some specific term. It will give you information about advertisements, similar keywords, listing for products, etc. It is an excellent tool for website ranking. To know more details check bulletproof digital company videos on YouTube. There are masters of digital marketing.


  • It will provide you information on other website’s backlinks
  • Will check the keyword that the competitor used for ranking
  • Improve traffic


It provides you a tools collection which will help you in the research domain, for email marketing and also for project management too. You can say it is all in one platform.


  • Research your competitor’s keyword that you want to target
  • Help you to collect data about the website domain
  • Help you to find others ranking in SERPs

Google analytics

Google Analytics is the best SEO monitoring tool. You will get sound output by using it. It provides you an insight data of bounce rate, organic traffic, and time on site, page speed, and the traffic source. This information will help you to see what is going on your website and attract more traffic towards your page. The first part is Google analytics is free. Follow bulletproof digital company videos to know how Google analytics work.

Yoast SEO

It is one of the popular SEO plugins which easily optimize the WordPress site. It makes your search engine better. Use it on your page. Overall it takes care of the SEO techniques so that your website gets better rankings