How to Find the Best Blogger Outreach Services

Finding a blogger outreach service is easy, a quick search on Google will reveal hundreds of different service providers from all over the world, all offering varied types of blogger outreach and guest posting services. But, these services are not all the same. There is a huge difference in quality among them, and in pricing too.

Typically, the best blogger outreach services in the UK. They seem to have a better understanding of what true blogger outreach is about, rather than the Indian / Asian marketers who still seem to be using guest posting primarily as a way to build links – which often leads to you getting low quality content, published on a low quality blog – or even worse, on a private blog network!

Blogger outreach services from the US are also among the most reliable, but there is more diversity between the US providers and the level of quality, whereas the few UK companies who are offering guest posting and blogger outreach all seem to have consistent high quality placements and services.

When you’re looking for the best blogger outreach services with the best value, there are a few things you can look at right away to decide whether or not the service is going to provide a real ROI for you or not.

First of all, check the content on their own website – what are the main selling points they’re making when offering you their guest posting service – are they talking about high quality links, are they talking about Domain Authority, or are they talking about all of the benefits of guest posting; such as increasing brand awareness, ensuring your content is published on a real blog, with a real audience, getting you heaploads of referral traffic etc.

Any guest posting service which is speaking primarily about getting you a backlink from a blog with a certain level of Domain Authority is probably one to avoid. The service providers who focus on things like this are often using lists of blogs where they can simply pay a small fee in order to publish any content – there’s no quality checks, and the blogs aren’t real blogs being read by real people, they’re simply blogs built for the purpose of guest posting – that’s definitely something you want to avoid.

To recap, the main things you want to look at when you’re selecting a blogger outreach service are:

  • Their Main Focus: What is the main focus of their service, are they focussed on DA, are they focussed on relevancy, are they focussed on TF or some other metric? Or are they focussed on a mixture of all of these aspects? The ideal agency will guarantee a minimum DA and/or TF, but also keep their main focus on the relevancy and the content.
  • Pricing Structure: How does their pricing structure work? If they are basing their pricing on something like DA, then that’s probably one to avoid. For example, there are plenty of private blog networks who have purchased expired domain names with DA50+. Some blogger outreach services charge upwards of $600 for a DA50+ link, but if you speak to the private blog owner themselves, you’ll probably find it only costs $50 or so to publish content there. The ideal blogger outreach service provider will have a flat rate price per placement, regardless of DA or other metrics.
  • Support Response Time: Always send an email through their website to see how quickly you get a response. The last thing you want is to have to wait for days on end to get a reply if you have any questions or concerns. The ideal service will get back to you on the same business day, or at very latest, the following business day.

If the service provider you’re considering matches all of the criteria above, then you should be in safe hands and you should find yourself able to build some quality links and guest post placements using their service. Don’t forget to pay using a credit card so that you have some form of protection if they fail to deliver – there are a lot of guest posting services who claim to be able to deliver much more than they actually can.